How It Works

Rent To Own

You went to the bank or your mortgage broker eager to get financed for a new home. In your head you can see the new colours you will paint the interior and have the perfect patio furniture picked out for the large back deck, right next to the pool. Then the banker calls and tells you that the numbers just won’t work right now. Your credit history is blemished or you are just a little short on the down payment. That house is so perfect for you and your family though, what will you do? Our Rent to Own Program is just the right solution for you!.....

Less Than Perfect Credit?

The RTO Home Team looks to help people that are unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage due to some temporary issue with funding or credit. We want to help get you into your dream home now as opposed to finding another rental property and you having to move yet again. With our approach, we will pre-qualify you for our Rent to Own Program and give you a home buying budget to work within. Once pre-qualified you may start your house hunting (if you don’t already have a place in mind) with our realtor or yours. The property of your choice will then go through a home inspection to determine if it might be a suitable purchase.

We Purchase on Your Behalf

If we all decide to go ahead with that property then our investment team will purchase the property on your behalf. At this time you will be required to provide us with a form of down payment. In this case it will be called an Option Payment. This ‘money down’ will give you the right to purchase this home in 1, 2 or 3 years for a pre-determined price. The Option Payment can be as little as 3% of the property value and all money paid towards your Option Payment will be fully credited towards the purchase of your home at the end of the term. Once the Option Agreement and Tenancy Agreement have been completed, you get to move in and treat it just as if it were your own home!

Treat It Like Your Own

Have a dog or a cat, or both! Paint it whatever colour you would like; make it feel like home. All upgrades that you may carry out at your new home will be at your sole benefit. As you improve the property and increase its value, you will benefit directly from this sweat equity as the purchase price from us never changes. We will arrange a 1, 2, or 3 year tenancy agreement with you during which you will rent your new home from us for fair market rent. The length of the term will depend on your situation (time needed to repair credit or build up enough money down for a traditional mortgage).

You Purchase the Home

In the end, we have only succeeded when you purchase the home on your own and truly make it yours. We will help you do this by addressing whatever the shortfall was when you tried to get a traditional mortgage in the first place. That may include helping you save monthly to assure there will be enough money held in trust for you to make your down payment and cover all purchasing costs. We will have our mortgage professional working with you hand in hand for the duration of your Rent to Own term to make sure that all financial and credit requirements are progressing at the pace required to meet your buying goals. When the term is up we want to make sure that it is not a guessing game but rather that you will indeed qualify for your mortgage. After all, you put in the work and you deserve it!

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